I often go to the movies alone.

On most of those days, I go in the middle of the day. There, I sit in a relatively empty movie theater and see the few people in random areas. The theater, evoking emotions that I couldn’t bring out of myself. The movie ends and I leave. The movie doesn’t really make that much of an impact on me. I haven’t been blown away by a movie in quite some time.

Every form of popular entertainment relies on cliches and time-tested techniques. Movies packed with action, throwing a dose of sentimentality in the mix as an effort to appear “deep”. Music rehashing the same subject matter, using the same power chords, rappers rhyming over the same 4/4 808 beat. Television, offering a method of escape by providing us hyperbolic characters that we must strive to be a shadow of. The masses label it “genius”, “the best etc. of all time”, “epic”.

You can just look at the eyes and peer in. Something’s just not right. Most people get by faking it, putting on a cleverly deceptive veneer of equilibrium and getting away with it day after day after day.

Some men are sad because there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Some men are sad because they don’t make enough money. Some men are sad because they aren’t the guy in GQ. Some men are sad that they will one day die. Then of course, there are other men that are sad simply because the world keeps turning. In the cosmic scheme of things, no action that they do will stop the tidal wave and everything eventually boils down to insignificance or rounding the thousandths place. Whichever one comes first.

Naturally, there is always some type of substance to take.



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