I’m not that old, but I’ve dodged quite a few bullets in my days. Feeding the inherent desires of my shadow side has not been an easy task to say the least. My conscious side has had to actively reel myself in from being entangled in compromising propositions. Temptation follows me everywhere. It follows us all everywhere. Some people tend to be more resistant than others to these things but there are several that just can’t help themselves. Play now, die later seems to be the mantra of the day.

The elders don’t seem to think that I have the willpower to resist or come out ahead. They seem to doubt me and my contemporaries and say that we will fall for the traps that the world has set for us. However, I disagree. There are many among us that do not fall for these things can practice self-control. These are the self-reliant, the stoic, the transcendent. Among us, we may have more wisdom than the elders and their hubris.

Following the straight and narrow path isn’t always easy because the straight and narrow path isn’t always clearly defined. One path can look like the right one at first but then it slowly deteriorates into a terrible situation. Like-wise, a bunch of people take the path that looks the worst on the outset but then it eventually turns to a walkway of gold.

I just hope I can keep my sanity the most when I need it. Because I know I’ll sure need it soon.