Children are an interesting thing. They’re sentient enough to cause trouble, but not sentient enough to understand the gravity or the consequences of the trouble they often cause. They cost a fortune to maintain (if you’re doing your job right), and then they may often mess up a lot of your life’s plans. I could never understand why people have children. To some people they bring joy, to others; much heartache. They are the cause of a million missed appointments and time well spent at work. When I look back at my childhood, I was a relatively easy child to deal with compared to some of my contemporaries, but I guess that had a lot to do with how I was raised.

Either way, there is no sneaking around the fact that children use up valuable time and money. Still, the question remains: why do people have children? I have told myself even since a young age, that I would never have children. It is senseless. We have evolved beyond reproduction and we now have greater pursuits to worry about.

With the world in its current incarnation of FUBAR version 2.1.5, I would never bring another soul into this world. The world is so full of so many bad things and why would I want someone else to experience all of these bad things? The world has many good things, but I certainly feel that the bad things tend to outweigh the good. The fact that I would be responsible for another person possibly hating their life would kill me. I just feel that this life is pretty much like a curse and everyone who hasn’t be born got lucky. People say that if some people haven’t been born, then they wouldn’t get to experience certain good things. Well, if you don’t exist, you have no knowledge of good or bad so therefore you would not be missing out.

I feel really sorry for children that grow up in adverse environments because they didn’t choose their fate. They were placed there by someone else. A lot of people are unfit to be parents but they have children anyway. Its just simply not right to not give a child a chance. That is why all moves must be calculated beforehand.

Children get the short end of the stick. They inherit the sins of the father. They are dependent on others.They are the ones that get their opinions devalued. They have the most to lose when a parent dies or their parents split up.

People who have children, take better care of them, even if they do cause a bunch of trouble. They didn’t ask to be called Billy or Marissa or Robert. For bringing them into this messed up world, it’s the least you can do.


– Scotia


4 comments on “Children

  1. Addie says:

    Ah, babies. I have always thought that there’s something nihilistic about not having children; the species would disappear in a hundred years. But, on the second thought, nobody thinks like that anymore. Nobody has kids to perpetuate the species.

  2. I never saw myself as a father growing up. I felt much like you do. In a way, having kids is selfish because, as you say, they have no choice in the matter. Ah, but if you’re a decent human, you are changed when you become a parent. You want the best for them, you’ll die for them, you’ll work harder than you ever thought you could for them. It’s magic; children made me a better man than I thought I could ever be(likely still not up to industry standards). If you love them as much as you can, they’ll likely think it was worth it, too. To think the world can’t be a better place is defeatist; your kids can help affect change for the better someday.

    • iamscotia says:

      Yeah but at the same time I would feel really bad knowing I brought them up in this kind of environment. I guess that since there are evil men and there are good men, there will always be a cataclysmic struggle.

      Everyone else just gets lost in the mix.

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