To get where I’m coming from in this topic, you can view my previous post on similar subject matter called Weekends.

Saturday is the most interesting day of the weekend. It’s the middle day of the weekend. It’s the one that can make or break the weekend, the one with the most potential. Infact, I have realized that the weekend can be explained using physics. Using the law of conservation of energy and Newton’s second law of motion, the weekend can be surmised in a simple formula.

W = Level of Weekend Enjoyment

m = Importance of significance placed on event

A = anticipation of certain events in Weekend

t = Amount of time that must elapse until even takes place in seconds

E = Event, can be greater or less than anticipation number


W = 2m + (A + E )t

m is derived by taking 2 as a base an increasing by a factor of ten for every level of excitement. Where the excitement level stops is currently unknown and unique to each person. A is proportional with time and both can be derived from the law of the conservation of energy I’d have to do the exact math, but I think this formula would work if I manage to put some tweaks into it.

Anticipation for the weekend can be seen in gravitational potential energy, which is then later converted into kinetic energy. Gravitational potential energy is energy that is stored in an object as it is in it’s upward form of trajectory in the air. Since energy cannot be created nor destroyed, this energy is converted onto kinetic energy on its way down more and more as it loses it’s GPE. Time can be seen as 0 from Friday, or maybe even Monday. It depends how far back the anticipation for the upcoming weekend is noticeably detected. As time goes further from zero, the more anticipation is gained. As the event begins, the anticipation is converted into the event and the anticipation then falls to 0 and E gains A’s previous energy. Some of the energy may be lost to some other processes if E was not as good as A expected.


So, this once again proves that even the most perplexing and fascinating of phenomena can be simplified into a mathematical formula. It makes the unfortunate reality of my Saturdays that much easier to swallow and turn further towards my hypothesis I came up with years ago: the weekend is a placebo.



– Scotia


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