Desire is the root of all suffering. After all, Buddha said it so it must be true. As humans, we naturally desire things that will transcend us beyond our state we are in now. This transcendence can come in the form of relief or acquisition. Desire is unquenchable and nonnegotiable. Does this mean we as humans are from our very design to suffer? Maybe. One of the core aspects of being human is the undeniable fact that suffering will occur on some level. Some will inevitably suffer more than others. However, if desire is one of the key fundamentals that runs parallel to humanity and it causes suffering, how can we lessen our suffering?

Simple. Desire less. Let go. Now, that is easier said than done. I have desired many things in my life that I felt would make up for or remedy my perceived inadequacies. The second stage of acceptance was realizing that I couldn’t get these things. The third is/was letting go. This stage is like a searing process, trimming off excess material. I am still in this process for some things, other things I have managed to let go.

Some desire is easier to let go than others. Some, I may never let go… so that is why I might never eliminate suffer for the rest of my existence, twisting and turning within the nether.

Maybe one day one of my strongest desires will be fulfilled so that the others desires will shrink in significant become more like numbing, throbbing pains rather sharp piercing needles boring into my consciousness.




– Scotia


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