Watching snow fall on the ground is quite comforting. Yes, it’s snowing in October. Maybe its some kind of sign or just an indication of the region. If I were to move to warmer climes, I would miss having snow. Its my favorite part of colder weather. Its amazing how each of the snowflakes that drop are unique from each other. From our human eye it looks like nothing special but when put under x100 magnification, it can look quite divine. Even if it looks dreary outside, it is made up for the fact that its snowing, even if sledding or building snowmen isn’t a possibility. Still, even with snow, there is still the fact that there are massive swaths of homeless people who have nowhere warm to stay and it makes me quite sad. Maybe one day in the future, less homeless people will have to suffer from the cold.

If this weather is any indication of the winter ahead, then buckle up. Its going to be a rough one.

– Scotia


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