Before I even start this post, it might be a good idea for some people to know what a clique is. A clique according to the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary is a narrow exclusive group of persons; especially held together by common interests, views, or purposes. This definition makes cliques seem relatively benign but in most scenarios they are not. The institution of the clique tears any chance of universal solidarity asunder. I have encountered cliques in many of my life interactions. If I had to make a top 100 list of the things in this world that make me want to break something, cliques would be somewhere in the top 50.

People have said that cliques manage to eliminate themselves after high school. I have found that this one of the many lies that are told to people in order to make them feel better about the future. Cliques do not sort themselves out after high school. They are slightly less obvious in college and beyond but if you do digging, you will find them.

There are some people who consciously wish to be in cliques and others who do not wish to be in them but are pulled in them anyway. I belonged to the latter category. I hung out with a group of people who shared some common interests and it seemed things were off to a good start. Then, the year went on and I could feel the circle closing. No new people were being added to the group. I could feel the noose tightening. I had to cut it off. There is no way I will be part of a group that consciously excludes other human beings. I am now the status of “drifter”. I prefer it that way because i am then judged as an individual instead of who I hang out with.

I view cliques as the more civilized version of gangs. Stupidity, ignorance, myopia, and indifference fester in both. If you’re part of a group of people that consciously exclude others, do not do so and then you will not be classified as a clique. If you do so unconsciously, then well… it might already be too late for you.





– Scotia


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