I believe that the importance of the bed is under-emphasized within Western civilization. Lying in bed seems to give off an undertone of laziness or complacency, both of them antitheses to the Protestant Work Ethic which has been so deeply ingrained into our collective consciousness since birth. A bed isn’t just for sleeping, it should be a place where you collect your thoughts and stimulate your imagination. It should be a safe haven. I often use my bed as a way to not deal with the things that want to harm me on the outside. Sometimes, I might even slip into a blissful sleep and forget about the others, if for a little while.

A lot of times, I use my bed as a place to contemplate heavier things. I’ve had some of the best days in my bed and some of the worst days. Either way, I still find bed as a rewarding thing. Though, some times I don’t lie in bed unless I have the intention of sleeping. When I think of all the people who do not have beds, it makes me really sad because its just such a good thing to just experience. I know if I didn’t have a bed, I’d feel more lonely and displaced than I already do.

I just know if I ever feel like giving up for a few hours, I know where to go lie.



– Scotia


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