The end of the week is looked at as a relief. It is a respite from the things that drive us to the cliffs of madness during the week. Thursday is seen as a complementary partner to the weekend. Friday is just a matter of looking at the clock and surreptitiously uttering the words: “I wanna get outta here”. For most of human history, the weekend never existed. Hunter-gatherer societies had no days off. Each day was crucial towards the survival of the tribe and/or village. Meat would quickly spoil, so hunting parties were sent out of kill animals daily and bring them back. Crops had to be maintained all year round in order to ensure a fresh supply of hearty fruits and vegetables.  In the ancient Roman civilization, a majority of the lower class rarely got a day off with an exception of a major festival such as Saturnalia, which was a series of days. Even as recently as the late 17th century there was no such thing as a weekend in Puritan dominated New England. The modern weekend was only conceived as a response to massive labor strikes during the Industrial Revolution in the tail-end of the 19th century. The weekend is a relatively new invention, one that is justly needed.

I have never really had any incredible weekends. I have had weekend outings for sure but they haven’t been anything mind-blowing or spectacular. Most of my weekends tend to be as monotonous and irritating as my weekdays. I found I had more stable weekends in high school. College weekends were sure to entail some inherent foolishness that I was ill-prepared to deal with. Sunday brings with it an unmistakeable air of dread that permeates the very fabric of time and space itself. This dread is one of bad decisions from nights before, missed opportunities, and forgotten homework assignments. Luckily for me, I have finished my homework by Sunday and I always wake up clear-headed on Sunday mornings.

My monotonous routine provides stability and certainty, two elements that are welcome in my life. I miss out on a lot of experiences due to things I do and don’t do. Am I a better person for it? Maybe. I’ll never know. Nor do I want to. Still, even I get Sunday night blues sometimes. My goal is eventually to get to a place where I won’t have to “fear” Sundays anymore and maybe even have some “incredible weekends” in the process.

– Scotia


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